About us

Blood Lotus Journal started out in February 2006 in our desire to offer an online site for literature enthusiasts where they can devour and digest reviews about various literary works from different authors. Initially publishing interviews from authors and publishers and reviews about their works quarterly, we have decided to take it up a notch and release bi-monthly features on renowned and novice writers so that we can cover more literary pieces for our readers to delight in.

The women behind this blog are Stacia Fleegal and Teneice Durrant. They have been this site’s editor for more than ten years sharing a particular expertise and passion for poetry. Stacia is also into teaching creative writing online aside from being active in her writing engagements with Connotation Press and Revolution John where she shares her poems and essays with her readers. Teneice is the editor and publisher of Winged City Chapbooks. She also started Argus House Press aside from writing her own books. She also teaches English at the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. Stacia and Teneice also have their individual blogs where they share their personal experiences. The two editors are now busy compiling the most loved and interesting interviews and reviews that they made over the past ten years in Blood Lotus Journal. They will release this anthology in printed and digital formats. The two editors decided to offer their services to their readers so that they can help students and writers create their literary masterpieces. They are recognized for their expertise and professional insight in literature having authored books of their own and their works are also published in different magazines.

Blood Lotus Journal is delighted to work with and is a proud partner of Abe Books, Alice James Books, Black Lawrence Press, Blood Orange Review, Dzanc Books, Foliate Oak, Poets Against War, Protest Poems, Rose Metal Press, and WordFam Press.