Blood Lotus Journal is a blog about different literary pieces

Blood Lotus Journal is a blog about different literary pieces. Read along if you are such an enthusiast of literature. We highlight the works of different authors, writers, and poets in our posts.

We have reached a point that has exceeded enjoyable or leisurely reading as a pastime. We have tasked ourselves to analyze and review the different literature to guide readers on the choices of literature that they make. This is not to take the fun away from reading and writing. But we want to stress the importance of analytical exercise while reading and writing literary pieces. We guarantee you that we will not impose our views on you. We want to stimulate your minds so that we can all put more thought in selecting the literature we gawk upon. We want you to make productive use of your reading and writing time and not simply absorb what is being fed to you by the author or the subject or theme of the literature.

As seasoned editors, we offer editing services for those who would like to submit their poems, chapbooks, creative samples, and other literary works for editing and review. We assure you that we will not enforce our own way of writing to you but we will guide you towards presenting a literary masterpiece that will show your skills and talent as a writer. We will help you define your ideas and target your audience so that you can communicate your thoughts effectively.

Blood Lotus Journal features interviews with authors, poets, and publishers. We have maintained a rich list of authors whose works we have reviewed and published on our page. We do not discriminate between famous and up and coming poets and writers. You can access our quarterly publications and bi-monthly posts to read about all our reviews and interviews in a span of more than 10 years. We encourage you to browse through our list so that you can find an author that would tickle your mind and imagination. We will also direct you where you can purchase their works.

For those who are interested to improve their craft, we also offer individual or group writing workshops. We conduct consultations for different literary works. These services can be done online or you can schedule a workshop or consultation with us so that we can conduct them inside the contemporary garage doors of Tempe reading room. Check out our promotions where we give away gift certificates from your favorite bookstores or get discounts when you avail of our editing services.

Blood Lotus Journal is a venue for creative, imaginative, and inquisitive minds meet. We value your ideas and suggestions. Contact us for your own version of the review of the author’s works or if there is someone you would like us to interview and feature the literary works. Together, we can make this an active community of literature enthusiasts.

We have featured so many interesting authors and literary works over the past years. We will be releasing an anthology as we revisit our interviews and features as our humble contribution to the writing industry.

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