It finally happened. Bestselling author Paulo Coelho, who is known for his inspirational and motivational books like “The Alchemist”, “Eleven Minutes”, and “Veronika Decides to Die”, has published a poem. Yes, but hold on to your seats. Our beloved author is not switching styles in writing. It is a rare opportunity to chance upon a poem written by no other than Paulo Coelho himself. Although he is an emotional writer, he is more comfortable writing novels and manuscripts to tell us his inspiring stories. This poem entitled “I Have Learned” has circulated online and was attributed to Paulo Coelho as the author. But sadly dear readers, Mr. Coelho himself has denied having penned the poem but he said that he just shared the poem on his official blog site because he liked the message. And when you read the poem, you will understand how it is more of a fan service on the part of Mr. Coelho as the message of the poem is closely related to the messages of his books.

The poem “I Have Learned” was written by an anonymous writer but nonetheless, his or her work took a life of its own after being published online. Many people could relate to its message of learning tough lessons in life through our experiences. Each line in the poem begins with the words “I have learned” which is also the title of the poem. This repeated use of words hopes to let the readers absorb the message of life lessons on love, trust, relationships, and beliefs in life.  It has 22 lines of things the author has learned in life with the moral lesson of accepting that in life, people and things change but it does not mean that you have to change too. There are things that we have no control over but we can control our own disposition towards these circumstances. And that is a positive message that we would like the readers to absorb.