We have featured here the testimonials of our readers and writers who availed of our services so that you will have an idea of what we can do to help you out in creating your next literary masterpiece. They have sent these messages to our site’s email and we asked their permission to post their statements.

Dear Blood Lotus Journal,

Greetings from California. I would like to thank Miss Teneice Durrant for helping me with my chapbook. I am now more confident to share my work with other people. I have submitted a compilation of my poems to Blood Lotus Journal to seek consultation and editing services. Miss Teneice critiqued my work constructively and made me see what I have overlooked in my excitement to write poems from my heart. Miss Teneice gave me feedback and edited my work but when I read my poems, I know they were still my own. I don’t know how to put it into words now but somehow she just made me write them in a better way. I’m raving and I’m so excited to have my work published in a local magazine. More power to Blood Lotus Journal.


Ashley from California

Hi, Blood Lotus Journal!

I am a student at a local community college with big dreams to enter the writing industry. I was really devastated when my Literature professor gave me back my work and said that she was not satisfied with what I had written. I felt disappointed with myself because I thought I had written a masterpiece. I almost kissed my dreams goodbye. Good thing I chanced upon your site and saw that you provided editing services to students and aspiring writers. And I got the support that I needed. Miss Stacia Fleegal was very patient with me and clearly explained what I needed to do to improve my work.  Plus, she gave me a discount too. Thank you so much, Miss Stacia and Blood Lotus Journal. My professor said I couldn’t have done a better job of improving my work.

Eric Hindley of Texas